concept creep

2020-05-27 00:17
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2016年11月21日 - 想必大家在浏览新卡的同时,都能明显发现,许多新卡比效果(费用)相近的旧卡强力太多,炉石在power creep的路上越走越远。有人感到兴奋,因为只有不断...  普通

a lot has happened since than, a lot of powercreep. more and more units are added to the game with better skills and b...  普通

2019年10月25日 - power creep, otherwise known as powercreep is a process that sometimes occurs in games where new content (in this case cards) slowly outstri...  普通

2016年2月5日 - n g a炉石传说反对退环境的,你们考虑过power creep的问题吗?(只关心自己钱尘损失的请不要进来)首页 前页 11 12 13 14 15 < 16. 到#300uid:1514494 ...  普通

pdf | a genuine mechanical steady-state is achievable. this stage is particularly important as large strains can accumulate during steady-state at low...  普通

2018年6月29日 - , concept creep: psychology’s expanding concepts of harm and pathology. psychol. inq. 27, 1–17 (2016). doi:10.1080/1047840x.2016.1082418 c...  普通

thoughts on avoiding power creep, getting more narrative into events, and event pass adjustments.  普通

2015年11月21日 - 3-power-lawviscous glide creep m.-t. perez-prado, m.e. kassner creep solidsolution alloys (designated class alloys[338]) intermediatestresse...  普通
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